Saturday, 18 July 2009

SWB Rideable Ships Presents - The Tamar Class 'Plymouth'

The 'Tamar Class' is well known in the UK Its the larger offshore RNLI Boat

and SWB has kept it rideable - of course there are a few losses with this - no interior for example but the added feature set more than makes up for this.

These boats (unless its very rough weather) are driven from the flying Bridge at the back so that makes sense prim wise.

It has Navigation Lights (working)
It has authentic soundset and a Owner controlled Open Access Boat rezzer - it rezzes the smallest RNLI Boat in its class and this actually fits in the stern of the boat - this is a scale craft and the boat will rez on deck and the owner only simply need slide it over the water and invite anybody to ride it - it deletes on standing.

and its only 29 PRIMS!!! ;)))))P

AND this is the real thing - with many more prims LOL

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