Monday, 31 August 2009

New RSiX in the Pipline

Working on the new 1.4 RSiX

this will be a little more technical so all 1.4 boards will be supllied with a 1.3 too

Basically it has the following (so far)

working centerboard
True Wind App Wind = visual wind hud as well as the usual graphic hud to set your sail COE (center of effort - or sheet)
Wind Locking
All new sculpted parts see photos below
All new sprays different style sprays triggered the faster you go
new sounds better handling more exciting and more stuff ...

here is what has happened so far

Friday, 28 August 2009

1920s Outfit and New Period 1920s Camera

Well i spent the day making this Period Mitchel Movie Camera click the crank to turn the shutter sound and spinning handle on and off

I spent the rest of the day making this outfit - its based on a 1920 Regatta Outfit and has - yes - flat shoes - think about it - makes sense ;)P they had common sense back then too. The sailor suit style is a classic of course ;)P and i just added the cigarette holder for a bit of 'glamour' white knee-high stockings finish the look

and ideal for the whole J-Class thing ;)))

(Image J-class Launch Party)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

RSiX Windsurfing Survey

In Association with the new Racing Director for RSiX namely LDeWell Hawker Please feel free to contact him directly regarding this he has a nice spot in Sailors Cove and i think may succeed in redeveloping the windsurfing enthusiasm - if it all gets going again then i will return to improving the build once more ;)))P

he has posted a survey in relation to windsurfing please take a moment to complete it its very short honstly ;)))

A couple of fun items i have been messing with

Watch the Video

Not For Sale - fun for friends only - atm

the First is a Ground Effect Vehicle that will be available soon - still in the beta stage

and the second is an upgrade to my infamous Poloce Bog :))) LOL

now thats funny and not evry environmentally friendly

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Everyone without exception who has used this boat loves it and its nippy handling and close to the water speeds - wonderful boat truly that your guests can use anytime they like ;)))P

Its super low prim the boat only being 12 meaning even if a few are rezzed they only equate to one 'normal' vehicle/boat


Monday, 24 August 2009


I am studying music production atm i have a lot of toys from piano, talkboxes, synths, mixers usb soundcards and endles VSTis

I adore sound effects and have acquired another huge library and will in due course begin to create 'sound scapes' i will also do custom sounds if anyone is interested they will be all multi channel and engineered as unique audio concepts

i was recently talking to a pal SLCG's Uri Jeffersen and explained i was learning to use some new Choirs software its quite complicated to use but you can basically have the choir sing what you like - so for fun i have had them sing Uri Jeffersen and the results are outstanding considering its for a laugh on this occasion - step out of the way Pope here come Lord Uri you can listen to it here - i have all levels of choir from soprano to Tenor and every imaginable harmony its going to take time to learn this well but the outlook looks good

Please note that i have heavily harmonised the audio to sound nice you can hear the 'Uri Jeffar-sen' about 2/3rds the way thru i can hear it ok but you may not be able to ;)P Like i said its a bit of fun and shows the potential of course i will do more of these with av names in for fun that are much clearer
Filename: SWB Choir
File description: Uri Jeffersen Choir
File size: 1.41 MB

Being able to create my own musical compositions is important especially in some videoas as there are copyright issues and costs if something is deemed 'commercial' in anyway and making your own music of course gets around this/that

Saturday, 22 August 2009


Madonna Alert? Oh no its Just Nber Medici giving the speeches and awards :)))P

Gathered Masses

Pary Time

SWB Stedi - The XDCAM on a Stedimount


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Be a DJ in SL without owning one record :)

Get a party gig booked

Get a spotify day pass - or a monthly 10 buck deal

Create a playlist and away you go

In the middle of the list you can of course take requests and drop them in via your search

Totally legal supported by all major record labels

Stream it in via Shoutcast

What your speakers hear is what you can broadcast - however in some instances this may require you fiddle with your PC settings

to do this simply go to your volumespeaker near your clock on windows
- Right click - Sounds
- right click on the recording tab
- show disabeld devices and make sure stereo mix is enabled
- now you can record or transfer what your hear - not sure on the legalities of this :))) so i take no responsibility for this - but this is the case for any music streamed into second life - if in doubt then go get a licence from your country of origin in the UK its this
- but if its for a non-profit party in SL most probably don't bother as its a 'party' and spotify advertises its day fees for a party so whats the difference

you need - without ads so either a monthly account only 10 bucks or a day pass
you need
you need

when you are all set have a test run on a parcel you own in secondlife and enter your music streaming URL and play some music if you cannot hear it it maybe due to a number of issues -in the case of Dell for example they have disabled stereomix at a hardware level - but there is a workaround with this to stereo basically Dell are stupid as you can simply either by a headphone splitter and take a mini jack cable off the speaker and stick that back into your mic socket DOH!

or you can get this and install it called Virtual Audio Cable
i sussed this out years ago but i see others have too :))) LOL intelligent minds think alike eh ;)

Now yu can be a SL DJ and you no longer need to hire or request them to have stuff they may not have - they may use Spotify already and simply do not tell you and you are PAYING them!!!

Have fun at your parties
This tip was brought to you from Club Nautique Group in SL we always looking for parties tell that group especially if you are a DJ or Sailor and have water themed ones ;)))P

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Woot Mall Freebies and Reduced Section

Woot Mall has opened a new section/area its upstairs in the mall

it not only will give away items and rotate stock - it will also offer amazing discounts of other items starting from 50% off sections super reductions 10L area and Freebies

I have so many items in my inventory many of which i do not sell cos i feel they are not quite perfect - so these will slowy be added to the freebies too - overtime i have also made many items for club nautique parties and some of these will be added too at a later date :)

anyways check it out weekly and have fun

for a taster of the type of bargain you can expect is this beautiful almost free - Coracle

it really is a lovely item and a freaking steal - to quote Chandler Bing from Friends LOL

Wednesday, 5 August 2009