Sunday, 28 December 2008

Friday, 26 December 2008


Based on the RNLI's small inshore rescue boat this is under 30 prims and almost entirely sculpties - has some great little features like mooring sway and rock (even if you are in the boat), radio sound effect, great sprays and authentic original D-Class audio planning sound effects and boat naming feature - divers, rescue, patrol, coast guard, RNLI and blank

Aviation Headset

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Coming Soon - Icarus

From its conception this was designed to be a very special universal craft

Cute enough for Tines - serious enough for biggies

I think i have got the balance right

Constructed almost entirely of sculpties this is a very smooth machine indeed

and it packs a punch - with a colors sounds and control hud to match - all the bases have been covered

Police or Standard Red Option built in (UK Police colour scheme)

Look out for it in the new year - it will be sold for only 600L

Surfwidow Beaumont

BOAT FENDERS - 2 prims each

Seems silly really when they are so easy to make but those prims soon add up

Lets look at a regular fender - it requires 2 path cut spheres a cylinder for the center 2 path cut torus' and another cylinder to get the same effect as this

this pack on the other hand is only 2 prims - so thats why they are available - if you want them and are tight on prims now's your chance to have some

x that by 4 and you can see the difference

mine 4 x 2 = 8
normal prims 4 x 6 = 24! - almost a boat just for fenders - so thats why most people don't bother

My fenders are copy Mod so you can colour them resize them and do pretty much what you like with them ;) except sell them :)P

Have Fun and Happy days
available from my stores in Weston Marina (Boogdolt Sim), Nantucket Barn, Jetset Island and of course port-a-rez (fairchang calypso).

A Trailer for the TAMAR 85

For those that don't want to use the additional swaying boat in the pack they can opt for the TAMAR 85 BOAT TRAILER.

it even comes with a special boat for it. ;)

the Trailer, Boat and Tractor are all independent and it includes 2 protective pads should you want them.

perfect for the quayside or slipway - guaranteed to make people jealous of you. ;)

Available from
Visit my page of for more details

Friday, 19 December 2008

Introducing the SWB TAMAR 85


Based on a mixture between the Atlantic 85 and some of the best features of the RNLI Atlantic 75 I still liked - i didnt want it to become an MSST

I feel i have got the balance right - what i have is a large multi-purpose rhib that looks and feels like the real thing and is perfect for sim management, race directors, regatta management, police, military, coast guards and rescue - or just leave the name blank for leisure - so many options and colour and name combinations you will never get bored with your purchase - and look out for the new capsize feature - thats a blast ;)

Take a look at the new RNLI Atlantic 85 here for comparison and visual


This New TAMAR (named after my home towns Plymouth river) takes all the new developments in sl, suggestions made about the Atlantic 75 from buyers and sculpty accuracy and packs them into a single unit - inc a moored version should people want this that comes with wavelet, boat fenders, anchor chain and rock and moored audio scripts - see end of the video for that one

In The Box supplied

*WAVELET (for around moored TAMAR)(TRANS)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Atlantic SWB75 Mrk 2 2009 Coming Soon

Here is a sneak preview of the new boat coming soon

Based on the RNLI Boat the Atlantic 75 this is very close to the real thing take a look at this video - and try and spot the difference ;)

This is the real one

and below is mine

Here is a sneak preview of the new boat

Changes include

*Hud Controlled sprays and sounds
*New sprays
*Judicious use of sculpted prims for tubes, hull, grab rope supports and self-righting canopy
*UV Textured sculpties - avoids the use of additional prims

Here are some additional images

Friday, 12 December 2008

Boatshow Reopens

Following some negotiations the boatshow has reopened and WOOT has secured a dislay tent pictured and a nice display of boats is rezzed and available to examine

Free Remote Controlled Hovercraft available see checkerboard area

Its at the Dears Garden sim still

Boat Show Launch of the Aquaplane

In the twilight hours of the 2008 Boat Show the Aquaplane was Officially Launched

and put on display there (photos below) - this brings to a close a rather frantic few weeks work :)

The ski boat is now available here for sale

Monday, 8 December 2008


I have been fiddling with this for quite some time and it is only since the introduction of sculpted prims that it has really become possible as they allow the builder to use far less prims but have a non wearable vehicle - in this case a boat

The most important part of a 'Ski Boat' is to have a skier option - sure its nice to blast about in your boat but like any boat its a nice option to have and this has it

The Skier is fully independent from the boat so can skid about and do some tricks - left and right flips - like you see wakeboarders do - whilst connected to the streaming rope that is constantly seeking the skiers towbar and feeding it the rope

The effect is very impressive and as an ensemble its really quite something and i think if you saw a couple of competent skiers using this you would do a double take as it looks so realistic

(please bear in mind that the images above include a static boat with an active water skier during testing you will have to put the moving boat and the moving skier together in your mind for now:))

The Boat will be on sale soon for 3000L and although pricey this is quite a lot of work and there are two sets of skies provided one is transfer so the buyer /owner of the boat can provide a friend with a set that the friend can return after use :)

Sunday, 7 December 2008


A great collection of some of the best craft is on show until Christmas at Dears Garden Sim

Organised by disisme and Tasha it is certainly worth attending just to see what is on offer inc from yours truely ;)

Some of my boats on display in the harbour

The 2008 Boat Show is in Second Life until 25th December

Some more of my boats on display in the harbour

Friday, 5 December 2008

RSiX Board Upgrade

Also can be used - if resized for Wave Pro and Kite Surf Pro Boards

It costs 10L and can be collected by looking underneath the display RSiX with the new board in the marina see the photo for more guidance

This one piece sculptie replaces the two parts currently on the board

so look underneath the board and click the box - it is

ony 10L for this upgrade


New Tiny Vehicles for LOCO POCOS

The Joy of these little characters should not be underestimated and nor should their vehicular supply ;)

all 3 available from weston marina or via my listings in Xstreet (Surfwidow Beaumont)

or from Beejee Bouchers Store in Fairchang Calypso

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

SWB Albatross Seaplane

'Victorian London and Mr Fogg drags his Albatross to the banks of the River Thames - there waiting are a mass of people waving their top hats and cheering, after carefully donning his flying hat - he sat heart thumping - this was unknown territory - this was flight!'

Falling somewhere between Phileas Fogg and Leonardo da Vinci this seaplane is of another era another more simpler time

its 'built-in-the-shed' feel with creaks and rattles belies its superb aeronautical physics

Beautifully balanced and flies like a dream - a mixture of balloon meets modern seaplane with a few wobbles and shakes along the way :)

This comes with a compass and (basic) Flying outfit - jacket scarfs, leather helmet etc that all will blow in the wind - its all modify so you can stretch it to fit bigger heads and mess with all the clothes - it just looks better when flying this to look like you would back then at the turn of the century but you can mix it with your own outfits of course

Pedal powered ;) this is not an acrobatic machine its what it is and it does what it does very well :)


Forward arrow - fowards, this when held will keep you flying level and true without descending if you keep pressing it, let it go and it will slowly glide to earth
Back arrow - all stop
Left - left
Right - right
Page up - climb
Page down - descend
Turn off poseball - say '/1 hide' say '/1 show'
Compass is worn - its a heading hud and just a bit of fun with an olde world style design to get you in the mood

all clothes are mod - right click prims and stretch to fit
edit appearance to edit clothes layers

Take off
Rez vehicle over the water - it will rez slightly above it - when you 'board' it it will descend to the correct level automatically - rez only where you have permission to rez and create objects - sit - press back key to ensure you are not moving - invite a friend or passenger to sit at this point
Press forward arrow to full speed - stay level - press page up and gently tap it until you leave the water then you may press it full on with forward arrow to climb

Sprays will trigger when you hit the water and stop when you take off

Thats all there is too it

Welcome to the 1800s :)

Have fun and Happy days

Surfwidow Beaumont

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