Friday, 7 August 2015

Summer Fun - Go take some!

It has been a while since I have built products and this is mainly because - I kinda built everything :)

If you pop over to Weston Marina - Boogdolt Sim Store you will find a plethora of interesting vehicles and remote control products.

But really explore the boxes as there are some real gems - like the Sea Tractor!

There is also a freebie and low cost area if you want to try something like remote controlled hovercraft or play.

I regularly check in and keep things tidy.

So do not think I am not inactive and unavailable - I am still only a notecard away but every 2 weeks atm between log-ins.

Until then

Bon Vent happy sailing and go check out my Marketplace store here!
and remember to log into the store as some products have been mislabled 'mature' when they are not - probably a bug - but you cannot see them unless you log in.

And this Windsurfer is still one of the most popular boards in SL