Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Products - Planes and Bathing

Rubber Band Plane 3 sizes included for almost all popular tines.

A pontoon you can drive out to sea and sunbath on :)P

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

don Berithos EPI EMMONS MEMORIAL DAY Skutsje Races Winner 2011

It was a good day and beautifully arranged by Pippa Rexen (the Late Epi's Wife).

Pippa Emmons with a very happy don at the awards ceremony :)

I created a custom trophy for the event that has a number of meanings.

The Dutch Barge is one he helped me design and a scale version - so quite big but its weight and inertia does it justice - it does look wonderful at speed. This sits on a wave shaped hand carrying his barge to heaven, around the base are 47 discs that add up to his age at death. Only 47 years old (his 48th year).

After some confusion :) the early procession finally made it to Spoon Drift (cut water party area). Where the prizes were arranged and people relaxed and danced. Then it was time for the races. Although it was a one design event for the SWB Dutch Barge, this was something that other barges wanted to be part of - and quite right too. It would have pleased epi as he loved his green turtle barge.

So a prize was hastily made available for the winner of that class too :)

I shot some video and hope to put together a video of the event soon.

The racing was fierce and some VERY close finishes!!!

don came out on top but it was no picnic. This will be an annual event in Epicurus Emmons' memory, someone we need to never forget, Delinda Dryssen, was also mentioned another good friend who was lost recently.

don Berithos

SWB Dutch Barge

1. don Berithos 2
2. Astro Marksman 3
3. Chaos 4
4. KIMBO 6
4. Argus Farman 7

Green Turtle Skutsje
1. Auntie Gemma 2
2. Glorfindel Arrow 3
3. Chad Sawson 6


If you want to get in training for next year then this is the boat The price is very low to encourage people into sailing, something I have maintained from the time of Kanker and it was Epi's philosophy - do not price people out of sailing - I remember that first time in Second Life when I had no money to spare, and had to 'camp' to make enough to buy a Tako, Good long useable demos are also a must! For this reason there is also a free demo available from my mall :)