Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Loco Pocos and Wynx Tinies Vehicles for you

Beejee Bouchers new Loco Shop at the tree :)))

Loco Pocos Creator Damian Fate has opened a new section of his

island and one of my in world creator partners Bejee Boucher -

king of pocos ;) has opened a store there where you can find

many of our combined items aimed at tinies check it out now :)

Its the next level down from the main landing point :)

Monday, 21 June 2010


Woot is happy to take part in Sail For Life Cancer Charity Event in Second Life this year held at Nautilus and Blake Sea

3 top of the range TAMAR 85s with safety gear packs and trailers were offered

all proceeds of the auction were donated to the cause

Yamm Nautilus Woot display

Woot Display at Yamm

SFL Event at Blake

Boat Procession to celebrate the return of Epicurus Emmons who is a cancer survivor in a special edition sfl Tamar 85 only ever available at SFL auctions