Sunday, 23 November 2008



here is the model which mine is based on - and no other boat in sl there are similar boats but this is different in almost every aspect

here is the real thing

some beta testing video i made since this was made flame jet has been added

more on the boat

All boats need a 'variable' to make them competitive - for sailing its the wind

for this its the turns and timing - its a lot of fun super stable - great sim crosser - if there are races hosted - maybe boogdolt or other places then free 60 min demos will be available free although this is really cheap for the full version which is mod and can be textured like in my lesson video - you even get a helmet and numbering system :)

its lots of fun so look out for races in the near future

Friday, 14 November 2008

Protesting in Second Life

Following the serious increase in charges for open space sims in secondlife many sailors who depend on the open waters for racing and friendship (common interest) have been protesting

here is the latest of three videos all of which are available from the same YT channel - see my Hotlinks to the right hand column at the top for more

Copybot is back and strikes home

here is the copy made by oliver99 guisse - probably an alt

Just a note to say on the 5th of Nov My SWB MSST PICTURED HERE
was copied

fortunately CB cannot copy no mod/not trans scripts so it was a bit of a shadow of its former self - (no vehicle parts to rez) no lights no sounds no doors and other parts radar etc were missing too

but the 'overall' look is very similar obviously - and could be used for port or harbour decorative items

It was carried out by a german and he gave them away on his german sim for a short time before mobing on to his next conquest - a kindly german girl stuck her neck out to report this to LL and to me LL want me to fax them a DMCA Claim
- but it maybe that their inventory has already been cleared as i was sent this

translated english version

in anycase although flattering - it is a bit stupid as if he had said - would you like to sell your msst on my german sim he could have had the real version in his harbour for free as a display :P

the individual has clearly visited sailing sims and harbours as this is where the boats was on display and i know the fizz and Bigcat is in Boogdolt for example and although unscripted its still bloody annoying :x\

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Second Life Shadows - YAY :)


Couldnt resist Long Moonlite moonlight shadows over Hollywood X)

SL SHadows


If you want to try out shadows for yourself then download this viewer from Kirsten
thats the familiar viewer used in opensim
download the most recentone

you will need a 8 series NVIDEA graphics card or higher

and it doesnt work on MACS i dont think/believe

no this is not available on a LL release yet and Torley says it wont be for a while

you can do this yourself if you are into programming

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Well i have mixed feelings about this - i think you just should watch it and decide for yourself :\

on Youtube from here

Monday, 3 November 2008

Surf Jam

Wow what a weekend - after a Halloween Party Marathon see secondlifesailing on youtube for more on that there was serious protesting to be done over Linden Labs (owners of Second Life) and their new policy regarding the Open Sims

During all this i managed to squeeze in this - it was filmed at the Bisahra resorts and i am going for a lie down ;)

it is in 2 parts on yourtube whereas blip give you the full length - YT is better quality but blip has a bigger video - you takes your choice ;) X)