Friday, 14 November 2008

Copybot is back and strikes home

here is the copy made by oliver99 guisse - probably an alt

Just a note to say on the 5th of Nov My SWB MSST PICTURED HERE
was copied

fortunately CB cannot copy no mod/not trans scripts so it was a bit of a shadow of its former self - (no vehicle parts to rez) no lights no sounds no doors and other parts radar etc were missing too

but the 'overall' look is very similar obviously - and could be used for port or harbour decorative items

It was carried out by a german and he gave them away on his german sim for a short time before mobing on to his next conquest - a kindly german girl stuck her neck out to report this to LL and to me LL want me to fax them a DMCA Claim
- but it maybe that their inventory has already been cleared as i was sent this

translated english version

in anycase although flattering - it is a bit stupid as if he had said - would you like to sell your msst on my german sim he could have had the real version in his harbour for free as a display :P

the individual has clearly visited sailing sims and harbours as this is where the boats was on display and i know the fizz and Bigcat is in Boogdolt for example and although unscripted its still bloody annoying :x\

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