Tuesday, 8 September 2009


use two of your cylinder objects renamed to the collision buoys - see instructions

make gates like REDBULL AIR RACE and make then narrow and include them as part of the course

Wild Weed

If you have a channel as part of your course between two island scatter about 10 weeds in it they will move and drift about but as you approach needs particular skill to avoid - great challenge

Rez you rsix 1.4 sit on it right click it rename it to the collision buoy - get a friend to do the same - then chase after them taking in turns as you board is no effectively a collision buoy if you touch their board you will both go over NB only rename the root (yellow) as the board must remain called 'board' - when you next rez it will rename itself back to RSiX

here is some video foortage of tiny locopocos playing cat and mouse :)

RSiX 1.4 for TINIES


Saturday, 5 September 2009

RSiX 1.4 Now for sale

Its been well tested and has some nice extras in the last 24 hrs have added floating weed that can tip up your board - this weed moves if hit so who knows where it will be? It has a 1hr 15 mins die time out on it for people who use other peoples sims to race so as not to leave littler and grief other sailing vessels most races only last an hour and this just gives an rd 15 mins to add some hazards for fun should they want to.

Also added additional animation stage to rig jumping rather than jumping through the sail you now go around the front of the board as yu would in reality - nice touch that

and far more besides

Watch the video


Thursday, 3 September 2009

RSiX 1.4 almost ready

BRAND NEW apart from sails almost everything has changed

key new features include
* Completely reprimed board boom, fin, centerboard (now fully working),
mast track textured sculpt in white on deck allows you to tint board in your edit menu without losing your logo
* New sound effects
* New Multi Sprays not a single spray triggered by rate these are independent multiple sprays - see the video for more
* New catapult (capsize) option controlled by objects included - only triggered by the objects to allow you a 'normal' board if you want one the rest of the time
* Wind lock - once wind is set it stays till you stand again
* Wind direction hud - although this is still managed from the text hud on the back of the board knowing where the wind is coming from was clear lacking - the wind vane is still there for those who prefer it vane on vane off command
* New animations - Further outboard and better more natural position for male and female avatars
* True wind and appwind
* New extra escape feature - no more being trapped in the boom - click escape on the controls hud once when you stand and the board turns phantom for 30 seconds then resets

THE old board (1,3) is the one the left and the new one is on the right and the real actual Olympic RS:X board is in the middle you can see how good the new board is now ;)))P

Collision Objects provided but you can rename any prim you own to same same as the bouys name to have the board react with your own prims - rocks boats anything you like - if your board hiits them then you go over ;)P

seaweed and bouy (modify and included)

OPTIONAL SHORTY WETSUIT ALSO AVAILABLE its mod so can be tinted to any color you like ;)