Tuesday, 2 December 2008

SWB Albatross Seaplane

'Victorian London and Mr Fogg drags his Albatross to the banks of the River Thames - there waiting are a mass of people waving their top hats and cheering, after carefully donning his flying hat - he sat heart thumping - this was unknown territory - this was flight!'

Falling somewhere between Phileas Fogg and Leonardo da Vinci this seaplane is of another era another more simpler time

its 'built-in-the-shed' feel with creaks and rattles belies its superb aeronautical physics

Beautifully balanced and flies like a dream - a mixture of balloon meets modern seaplane with a few wobbles and shakes along the way :)

This comes with a compass and (basic) Flying outfit - jacket scarfs, leather helmet etc that all will blow in the wind - its all modify so you can stretch it to fit bigger heads and mess with all the clothes - it just looks better when flying this to look like you would back then at the turn of the century but you can mix it with your own outfits of course

Pedal powered ;) this is not an acrobatic machine its what it is and it does what it does very well :)


Forward arrow - fowards, this when held will keep you flying level and true without descending if you keep pressing it, let it go and it will slowly glide to earth
Back arrow - all stop
Left - left
Right - right
Page up - climb
Page down - descend
Turn off poseball - say '/1 hide' say '/1 show'
Compass is worn - its a heading hud and just a bit of fun with an olde world style design to get you in the mood

all clothes are mod - right click prims and stretch to fit
edit appearance to edit clothes layers

Take off
Rez vehicle over the water - it will rez slightly above it - when you 'board' it it will descend to the correct level automatically - rez only where you have permission to rez and create objects - sit - press back key to ensure you are not moving - invite a friend or passenger to sit at this point
Press forward arrow to full speed - stay level - press page up and gently tap it until you leave the water then you may press it full on with forward arrow to climb

Sprays will trigger when you hit the water and stop when you take off

Thats all there is too it

Welcome to the 1800s :)

Have fun and Happy days

Surfwidow Beaumont

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