Monday, 8 December 2008


I have been fiddling with this for quite some time and it is only since the introduction of sculpted prims that it has really become possible as they allow the builder to use far less prims but have a non wearable vehicle - in this case a boat

The most important part of a 'Ski Boat' is to have a skier option - sure its nice to blast about in your boat but like any boat its a nice option to have and this has it

The Skier is fully independent from the boat so can skid about and do some tricks - left and right flips - like you see wakeboarders do - whilst connected to the streaming rope that is constantly seeking the skiers towbar and feeding it the rope

The effect is very impressive and as an ensemble its really quite something and i think if you saw a couple of competent skiers using this you would do a double take as it looks so realistic

(please bear in mind that the images above include a static boat with an active water skier during testing you will have to put the moving boat and the moving skier together in your mind for now:))

The Boat will be on sale soon for 3000L and although pricey this is quite a lot of work and there are two sets of skies provided one is transfer so the buyer /owner of the boat can provide a friend with a set that the friend can return after use :)

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