Thursday, 13 August 2009

Woot Mall Freebies and Reduced Section

Woot Mall has opened a new section/area its upstairs in the mall

it not only will give away items and rotate stock - it will also offer amazing discounts of other items starting from 50% off sections super reductions 10L area and Freebies

I have so many items in my inventory many of which i do not sell cos i feel they are not quite perfect - so these will slowy be added to the freebies too - overtime i have also made many items for club nautique parties and some of these will be added too at a later date :)

anyways check it out weekly and have fun

for a taster of the type of bargain you can expect is this beautiful almost free - Coracle

it really is a lovely item and a freaking steal - to quote Chandler Bing from Friends LOL

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