Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Be a DJ in SL without owning one record :)

Get a party gig booked

Get a spotify day pass - or a monthly 10 buck deal

Create a playlist and away you go

In the middle of the list you can of course take requests and drop them in via your search

Totally legal supported by all major record labels

Stream it in via Shoutcast

What your speakers hear is what you can broadcast - however in some instances this may require you fiddle with your PC settings

to do this simply go to your volumespeaker near your clock on windows
- Right click - Sounds
- right click on the recording tab
- show disabeld devices and make sure stereo mix is enabled
- now you can record or transfer what your hear - not sure on the legalities of this :))) so i take no responsibility for this - but this is the case for any music streamed into second life - if in doubt then go get a licence from your country of origin in the UK its this
- but if its for a non-profit party in SL most probably don't bother as its a 'party' and spotify advertises its day fees for a party so whats the difference

you need - without ads so either a monthly account only 10 bucks or a day pass
you need
you need

when you are all set have a test run on a parcel you own in secondlife and enter your music streaming URL and play some music if you cannot hear it it maybe due to a number of issues -in the case of Dell for example they have disabled stereomix at a hardware level - but there is a workaround with this to stereo basically Dell are stupid as you can simply either by a headphone splitter and take a mini jack cable off the speaker and stick that back into your mic socket DOH!

or you can get this and install it called Virtual Audio Cable
i sussed this out years ago but i see others have too :))) LOL intelligent minds think alike eh ;)

Now yu can be a SL DJ and you no longer need to hire or request them to have stuff they may not have - they may use Spotify already and simply do not tell you and you are PAYING them!!!

Have fun at your parties
This tip was brought to you from Club Nautique Group in SL we always looking for parties tell that group especially if you are a DJ or Sailor and have water themed ones ;)))P

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