Monday, 24 August 2009


I am studying music production atm i have a lot of toys from piano, talkboxes, synths, mixers usb soundcards and endles VSTis

I adore sound effects and have acquired another huge library and will in due course begin to create 'sound scapes' i will also do custom sounds if anyone is interested they will be all multi channel and engineered as unique audio concepts

i was recently talking to a pal SLCG's Uri Jeffersen and explained i was learning to use some new Choirs software its quite complicated to use but you can basically have the choir sing what you like - so for fun i have had them sing Uri Jeffersen and the results are outstanding considering its for a laugh on this occasion - step out of the way Pope here come Lord Uri you can listen to it here - i have all levels of choir from soprano to Tenor and every imaginable harmony its going to take time to learn this well but the outlook looks good

Please note that i have heavily harmonised the audio to sound nice you can hear the 'Uri Jeffar-sen' about 2/3rds the way thru i can hear it ok but you may not be able to ;)P Like i said its a bit of fun and shows the potential of course i will do more of these with av names in for fun that are much clearer
Filename: SWB Choir
File description: Uri Jeffersen Choir
File size: 1.41 MB

Being able to create my own musical compositions is important especially in some videoas as there are copyright issues and costs if something is deemed 'commercial' in anyway and making your own music of course gets around this/that

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