Thursday, 2 July 2009

Epic RSiX

A great new Windsurfing and Surfing Spot near Neart and found it by chance thanks to an overzealous kitesurf jump
Check it out has the new Sculpty Epic Waves and looks very nice indeed :)))

Kite Surf by SWB Available on Xstreet

RSiX Wind Powered Windsurfer Windsurfing

New Experimental Tandem RSiX (Early Beta)

Epic RSiX

Uri Shredding in Big Waves with Real Wind RSiX

A bit of Fun with the Floating SWB Motocross Bike

Who says that you cannot wave ride with a wind powered RSiX

Sure its demanding but inst that the case with windsurfing

I also am showing (for the first time the new early beta (Tandem) RSix

Thanks to Uri for his help with some of the shots and riding pillion

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