Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Big Thanks to all that Bid on my boats at SFL for Cancer Care and Treatment

The Special Edition SFL Tamar and Trailer was won by lucky and generous

Karolyne Muircastle

Tamar Karolyne Muircastle

The 10 Dutch Barges were won by

Barge 7 belladonna Foxtrot
Barge 6 Kenn Habilis
Barge 9 Sommer Shepherd
Barge 10 Kyria Tonsen
Barge 3 Misty Saphire
Barge 4 Nicholas Rozenstrauc
Barge 5 Jammi Rotaru
Barge 8 Wildstar Beaumont
Barge 2 Aislin Keynes
Barge 1 BennyThe Boozehound

The Auction was a great success and thanks you for bidding

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