Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sail with Us! Video - To encourage Sailing in Second Life

In association with Charlz Price who supported the video of the J-class with Jane.

We have put together a homage to the history of sailing in Second Life - Sail With Us! - from Takos to Big Cats to protests to Fizz and much much more - to be used to encourage people to sail in Second Life. You can stream it in world using this URL in your media parcel too - this is specifically crushed down to stream at 768kbs mp4 QT format in media parcels (like the BBC iPlayer format so most broadband connections in world can view it without it stuttering and sticking and choking their otherwise already overloaded connections speed just coping with Second Life textures as they move ;)P

If you want to see higher quality you'll have to pop over to YT and see it there in full at 480 format feel free to comment there too :) as well as here ;)

I think we all need cheering up after what happened to Epi and this is a good way to do it.

It runs to a fast and exciting bombastic track and runs 'at a pace'.

There are so many 'Easter eggs' in this video you may have to watch it a number of times but a few worth mentioning are of course some special ones

In particular

3mins 55 : Epicurus Emmons at 4mins 39 is Epi, me and Beejee at Fisher's Island dancing Epi has the blue tshirt on over the white long sleeved undershirt he is in the center as always ;)PXxx
and of course
Delinda Dyrssen and many other are in there dotted about.

To quote Charlz Price when he first saw it, "you really need to watch it 10 times to see it all!"

Sorry if we missed anyone but chances are you are still actually there as like the intro of the Simpsons I add this quick scene at 4mins 20 is just about every boat ever made in one aerial shot of the 'grand protest sail' at Hollywood so no complaints on that LOL. And you were probably at a parties or in a Tako somewhere too or in the crowd watching them ;)P


You may well need a lie down after watching this though! ;) hahaha LOL.

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