Sunday, 13 March 2011

Remembering Epicurus Emmons - The Video

This is for all those that want to see him again having fun and grieve his passing.

Warning - it maybe hard to watch the second part as its heartbreaking.

Hugs Pippa - this is for you.

It is with great sadness i have to post this video.

It is perhaps the most difficult thing i have ever had to do in Second Life. Editing it was particularly difficult and distressing.

I am kinda numb to it now.

It is more or less in two parts, the joy, and the loss. Watch it till the VERY end.

It is ad supported simply because the commercial track i wanted to use is copyrighted and the artists have to be paid.

Karen (Pippa) has given me special permission to reveal the real life them in the film.

And it shows the wonderful and clever intellectual man behind the av.

It also gives people who did not know Epi an insight of what Second Life has lost.

Chances are if you enjoy sailing then someone near you was taught by him or knew him well.

The Video

Whilst you can watch it here I strongly recommend you visit the main site here
and watch it full screen at 640 x 480 resolution to fully appreciate it right till the end.

Goodbye my friend.

Your pal Surfy!x

Note the following downloads maybe temporarily unavailable after just being uploaded if that's the case check back again later.

There is a high quality download of it available here
It is in mp4 h264 .mov quicktinme format and it is in .wmv Hi Quality
The password protected zip file is available here
pass is = epicurus - what else?

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