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This is quite simply an air combat game.

Thing top gun where you have to try and shoot each other.

If you make a 'hit' the other plane goes nuts spirals flames smokes and sets off alarms for 25 seconds penalty so you know when you hit them and then you can mark that down as a kill.

Based on the US Navy F14 (as used in Top Gun the movie) it has swing wing delta wings so if you accelerate the wings will go back and the afterburners will ignite with great sound effects.

This is a scaled down aircraft especially built for inner sim dogfighting. As you will need perms to rez object (firing missiles) then most will prefer to stay over their own land or lands they are group members of. for this reason the scaled down idea works better. as once you are in the air it is all relative anyway - if there is nothing to compare scale against this looks full size.

This has been especially built to accommodate Wynx tinies, LOCO POCO tinies and full sized avatars - so all can play at this.

I have provided

3 transfer plane kits 1 copy
3 transfer plane missiles (worn) view transparent to alter aim - but they are perfect atm
3 transfer sound and controls huds 1 copy - click the text on the hud for more commands

Quick Start

Rez plane to ground
Right click plane and select 'Fly'
You should disappear into the fuselage - special crusher scripts
Wear you hud and wear your rocket pods

Press page up to increase throttle - live moving readout
Press page down to reduce throttle
Forward arrow to dip nose
Back arrow to raise nose
Left and right arrows to bank plane
Press Missile Launch on the hud to fire - important re hud on some sim crossings huds can go transparent, this is a global problem not just with me ;) to get it back right click on it and it will reappear should this happen.

If you are hit by a missile you will lose control for about 15 seconds and all hell will break loose clearly indicating a hit. After this time you will be able to refly it again. To completely reset you must land stand and sit and take off again.

Have Fun and Happy Days

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