Sunday, 26 October 2008

Somewhere to start

Well i guess its time to have a home to list the various activities i undertake.

Mostly based around Second Life and content creation including videos i make.

I think Second life is a greatly under used tool for film makers - and i have personally seen some really well made machinima come out of there.

And as time goes on i will no doubt list and review some other stuff, but for now i will concentrate on what i do and make and hopefully be a place for you to catch up on that.

To kick this off the obvious place to start is Youtube and my video files that are already there - as google owns both blogger and YT i shouldnt think they are gonna mind me doing that.

above is a list of some cool videos and they are definately worth watching later i will list some of my favourites and describe some of the thoughts behind them ;)

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